Getting you office ready

Stay up-to-date and Covid compliant with the latest conferencing technology -

discover how we’ve been busy helping one of our clients prepare their offices for

returning staff using the latest conferencing hardware for Microsoft Teams.

Government guidance advises that office workers should continue to work from

home where they can, however offices and contact centres can open, if they’re

COVID-secure. The guidance - which you can find here - also tells us to “reduce face-to-face meetings and encourage calls or video conferences to avoid in-person meetings with external contacts”.

We can help you to stay compliant and up to date with the latest conferencing

technology, and this is exactly what we’ve helped one client to do with a sleek wall

and desk mounted touchpad for activating those calls direct from their calendar,

bringing in participants, and using Teams range of features.

Whilst on a call the dual screens allow you to see participants on one screen and

easily read shared content on the other. With branded screen savers we can help

you look the part when not on a call.

With so many people now familiar with Microsoft Teams and the benefits it brings,

why not upgrade your conference room using the same technology?

Call us to discuss your requirements and find out about the range of equipment we

provide to get you back to the office ready.

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