How to be more cyber secure in 2021

Almost half of businesses reported cyber security breaches or attacks in the tail end of

2019/ beginning of 2020, a recent government survey on cyber security found.

The report also found that cyber attacks have evolved and are becoming more frequent.

We’ve certainly noticed a big rise in attacks over the past months, but don’t worry, we’re

here to support you and keep your team and business safe in 2021.


Protect your devices

Remote working is going nowhere in 2021, our work culture has shifted to more flexible

working habits, be that working from home or hot desk-ing. Working from home doesn’t

have to mean working less securely, if you want reassurance that your employees are

working securely using approved devices we can deploy Microsoft endpoint security,

meaning that devices approved by the organisation are the only way to access company

data by forcing appropriate polices to a device, such as encryption of data. For users that

use their own devices additional policies such as preventing personal backups of company

data ensure your data is always secure.

Safeguard information

We can also help you to safeguard information by applying policies to ensure each device

is secure, and data can only be accessed with approved applications. And if a device is

lost / stolen, we can send a remote wipe command to delete data when its next online.

Safer sign-in

Deploying identity protection means that Microsoft knows when your users typically login,

and where from. When something doesn’t look right, such as a login at a different time or

location, the user will be challenged with additional verification, or even the sign in will be

stopped completely.

We can also set up conditional access, where we deploy polices within your Microsoft 365

environment to help protect your organisation from sign-in risks, access attempts from

unexpected locations and device identity.

Keep your passwords secure

A single password has a lot of shortcomings. Enabling multi factor authentication across

your organisation adds an additional layer of protection to the sign in process. Users

simply verify their sign in with a tap on a smart phone or SMS code.

To discover all the ways we can keep your business protected against cyber attacks contact us today to speak to our experienced team.

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