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We can migrate your organisation to Microsoft 365, create bespoke intranet sites, design custom business applications within SharePoint, provide network infrastructure, from design & install to full management and bring your data to life with curated interactive dashboards in Power BI. We can also provide Teams meeting room hardware.


IT support

We can be your in-house IT support desk. Available by phone, email and live chat, we’ll provide the right solution for the end user. Outsourcing your IT allows you to stay focused on your own core business activities. 

We can: 

+ Keep costs low with low capital costs and predicable monthly fees
+ Reduce risk, provide security and compliance with data security standards 

+ Provide industry experience and expertise 

+ Manage the enrolment of new users and leavers

+ Provide hardware and direct deployment to end users

+ Centralise all your IT in the cloud so that you can connect regardless of location

+ Future proof services, using the latest Microsoft 365 updates

+ Keep your business green and lean as the Cloud offers great power savings and lowers your carbon footprint


Microsoft 365

We are proud to be Microsoft Partners.


Whether you're already using Microsoft 365, or thinking of making the move, our experienced team can help. We handle everything from full business migration, to simple improvements to security standards.

We can: 

+ Ensure data security and standardisation
+ Defend against cyber threats
+ Simplify IT management Increase productivity
+ Reduce paperwork
+ Enable compliance with Information Protection / Data Protection / GDPR
+ Provide device security with Microsoft Intune

+ Roll out SharePoint Online 

+ Create immersive intranet designs  

+ Enable end point security  

+ Set-up and support Microsoft Teams  

+ Install business telephony



SharePoint isn’t just a document library. Infact, SharePoint is capable of so much more. From custom bespoke applications to simple but effective tools, make SharePoint run in the heart of your business.  

We can:-

+ Review your current setup and make recommendations

+ Build your intranet in SharePoint

+ Develop custom applications to help meet your business objectives

+ Serve customers more effectively, bring in emails automatically and reply within SharePoint

+ Create team holiday tracking applications, project management tools, and effective reporting suites

+ Structure your business document storage with effective role based permissions


Intranet designs

We can build a truly bespoke intranet space that makes your employees feel engaged and informed. From personalised user login screens, to standardised news feeds, or business data displays and results, let’s make your intranet as unique as your business.

We can:-

+ Design a functional Intranet homepage

+ Bring in feeds, such as twitter and Instagram to the homepage

+ Chose from hundreds of design ideas

+ Bring your brand and identity to your homepage

+ Create additional LOB specific pages such as Human resources

+ Interrogate data elsewhere and incorporate in your design ideas


Network infrastructure


Thinking of replacing your current network infrastructure?


We can design a custom solution that’s right for your business. We’ll audit your network to ensure that we take the best and freshest approach. By providing equipment, installation, and management, security updates, and appropriate business policies to your network we offer a full and complete network package.  

Call Center Headset

Unified communications

Want to make and receive business calls wherever you areWe can migrate your business phone system to the cloud

and Microsoft Teams, ensuring your team can make and receive business calls regardless of location from any approved device, such as a laptop or mobile phone.

We can:

+ Port your numbers - Move your business telephone numbers to Microsoft teams, and then allocate them to users.

+ Deploy in the Cloud - Fully managed in the cloud, 100% cloud deployment with Microsoft as your sole provider. 

+ Calling plans - Calling plans from just £12 per month per user

+ Auto attendants - Great each caller in a professional way, with pre-recorded messaging and number selections for callers to route to the right team.

+ Call queues - Assign your teams to specific call queues, and let callers know they are waiting to be served. Set queues to ring everyone in the queue group, or last person to take the call, various options can ensure a fair distribution of callers.

+ Call scheduling - Schedule calls to route to appropriate voicemails or alternative messaging depending on business hours.

+ Custom queue hold music -  Use your own business hold music for callers to listen to whilst waiting to be answered. 

+ Call transfers - Your teams can quickly transfer to another person, or to another call queue should the caller need re-routing.

+ Voicemail - Get a fully transcribed voicemail message directly within teams.


Power BI

Bring your business data to life with Power BI. Empower team members to discover insights hidden in your data.    ​

At Business Reform Limited, we’re experts in Power BI.  We’ll gather your data, apply business logic rules and curate powerful interactive dashboards and reports you will be proud of.  We will scope the end user requirements and provide a cost-effective solution from individual licenses to providing a dedicated Power BI embedded server for larger deployment.​

Some of the great features of Power BI:- ​

+ Get self-service analytics at enterprise scale. Reduce the added cost, complexity, and security risks of multiple solutions with an analytics platform that scales from individuals to the organisation as a whole.

+ Use smart tools for strong results. Find and share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualisations, built-in AI capabilities, tight Excel integration, and prebuilt and custom data connectors.​

+ Help protect your analytics data. Gain leading sensitivity classification and data loss prevention capabilities to help keep your data secure and compliant - even when it’s exported.​

+ Connect from multiple sources.  Connect to various sources of data including external sources, create

relationships across data tables and display results in interactive screens.​

+ View on mobile devices.  A dedicated Power BI app on your smart device allows you quick access to the reports/dashboards.

Meeting Room

Teams Meeting Room Hardware

Transform meeting spaces ranging from small huddle areas to large conference rooms with a rich, collaborative Teams experience that's simple to use, deploy, and manage. Start meetings on time with one-touch join, then instantly project to the display in the room and share to remote participants.


We’ve partnered up with Yealink to provide great pricing on hardware and installation services.

From small to large scale organisations, contact us for an informal discussion.