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Case Study | Collaboration

Collaboration Project


How a group of independent organisations used Business Reform Limited’s consultancy services to enable them to operate together as an alliance.


The Challenge 

The organisations were well established, geographically spaced with different ways of operating and required help to come together as an alliance.  With staff focussed on ongoing BAU activities as well as the programme to operate as an alliance and the commercial and legal standing of alliance not yet agreed, putting the vision into practice was challenging.   

The Solution 

Business Reform Limited developed and deployed a robust governance and programme delivery model promoting collaboration across the participating organisations to deliver a joint programme of work against set deliverables and milestones. As the alliance matured, we developed a sustainable long-term delivery model, with a performance framework and reporting mechanisms and implemented the transition from programme to BAU.  


The Benefit 

This provided visibility at all levels, effective governance, collaboration and communication across all participating organisations. The platforms, performance framework and reporting mechanisms focus attention on delivery, prioritisation, budgeting and risk management and promote effective joint decision making, negotiation and compromise.

The participating organisations are working together as an alliance, operating efficiently and independently managing the day-to-day delivery of its strategic and performance objectives.  Robust governance is in place to handle decision making and approvals.  The teams are working to a common plan and vision and to standard processes, with better deployment of resources and a wealth of information and data to inform decision making. 

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