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Delivering projects on time and within budget can sometimes be a struggle when combined with the day-to-day pressures of business as usual. Managing important projects can have a significant impact on the performance of your business, this is where we can help.

Project Management

Project management services

Our experienced project services team can drive delivery and take away the pain of managing, tracking and reporting your project(s).  Let us worry about the project management and bring focussed leadership and prioritisation through our project management services. 

Benefits at a glance:

+ Improved delivery assurance and stakeholder confidence 

+ Effective planning and management of interdependencies 

+ Accurate and timely visibility of key milestones and activities

+ Improves governance and control to aid key decision making

+ Provides objectivity and constructive challenge

+ Robust change control and scope management 

+ Improves forecasting and management of risks and issues 

+ Robust reporting and audit trail 

+ Impartial and timely robust reporting

Reduces the administrative burden allowing you to focus on delivery 

+ Keep resources motivated, focussed and committed to delivery 


Project systems and solutions

With our own technology solutions team we are able to provide a range of tools, online systems and resources to provide a truly tailored project management solution that’s right for you, whether it be delivering a specific project or implementing a project management framework across your business.

Project Systems

Virtual Project Management Office (VPMO)

Our Virtual Project Management Office (VPMO) provides you and your stakeholders with confidence, visibility, and assurance of delivery, allowing you the confidence to focus on business as usual, knowing your project is in safe hands. 


We work in partnership with you to deliver effective, tailored solutions and support that is appropriate to the demands, scale, and size of your project to ensure it stays on track, within budget and delivers the desired objectives and benefits.

Project Reviews

Project reviews & project recovery

We can conduct a review of your project and provide a health check and impartial constructive challenge to ensure you are set-up for success.  If your project is not delivering as expected or is struggling to get traction with stakeholders we will review your project governance, structure, strategy and plan and provide advice and recommendations to get you back on track.

Web Consultation

Project governance & risk management

We can help you establish the correct governance structures that align to your organisation, ensuring that they are proportionate, to enable effective decision making and risk mitigation.  We can also advise and provide guidance on effective risk management, including recording, rating and reporting of risks, as well as advising and assisting you in identifying suitable solutions to aid risk mitigation.

Project Governance
Project Plannng
Business Meeting

Project planning, tracking & reporting

It is essential that your plan is robust and more importantly deliverable, we can help
you develop, manage and maintain a robust plan that keeps you on track, so that deliverables, milestones and activities are all managed effectively to drive delivery. 
We can develop and advise on appropriate dashboards, reporting and solutions for managing your plan and enabling ease of access to your teams, whilst maintaining appropriate change controls through our SharePoint and Power BI expertise.

Team Meeting

Collaborative & joint venture projects

We have a proven track record of delivering large scale start-up and transformational change projects, we also specialise in complex joint ventures and collaborative projects.  We can provide an impartial partner that can help cut through politics and cultural differences by providing constructive challenge to individual agendas that gets the parties focussed on delivery and aligned to a common vision.


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