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Case Study Project Management

Project Management


How various inflight activities within an organisation relating to growing an alternative income stream were brought together under one project. 


The Challenge 

The activities underway were spread across various workstreams, were cross-functional and interdependencies were not fully mapped.  The organisation required help to bring together the various inflight activities under one project, to establish project governance, provide visibility and maintain momentum.  

The Solution 

Effective governance, appropriate to the size and complexity of the project was put in place at the outset to ensure escalations, risks and issues were dealt with at the right level.  A consolidated project plan was formulated incorporating workstreams, responsibility, priority, activities, resource planning, timescales, interdependencies and milestones; this was held centrally to allow team members to check the status of deliverables at any time.  Risks and issues were recorded with mitigating actions captured.  Management of and tracking against the project plan and key milestones was implemented together with reporting mechanisms to support Project Board decision making.  

The Benefit 

The consolidated project plan provided clear visibility of requirements, responsibilities, prioritisation and timescales across all functions helping create a common understanding and accountability.  

Focussed, regular reporting of progress against key milestones and visibility of risks and issues aided effective  decision making by the project board enabling momentum and focus 

to be maintained in the project.   

Drawing on a Board

The Result


All staff working on the project were able to operate efficiently, working to a common agreed plan and focus on delivery rather than on day to day management of the project.  An effective project governance structure enabled effective decision making and appropriate escalation allowed the project board to focus attention on key risks and issues.

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