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Business Reform encouraging growth in technology & IT services sector

Here at Business Reform, we have vast experience in the technology & IT services industry and it’s a sector we are extremely passionate about.

Earlier this year, the BBC reported on a digital skills shortage here in the UK following research completed by The Learning & Work Institute which states ‘the number of young people taking IT subjects at GCSE has dropped 40% since 2015.’

Clearly this is a worrying statistic especially when you consider the article also suggests ‘that demand for robotics skills has jumped "dramatically" in several northern English cities since July - robotics jobs are up 115% in Liverpool, 253% in Leeds and an epic 450% in Newcastle.’

We want to see this sector grow and flourish and we are delighted to have recently been awarded a Kickstart Scheme grant to enable us to offer placements to encourage young people into technology, educating and training them to experience the amazing and fast paced developments, doing our bit to fulfil their potential and support the sustainability of the rapidly evolving technology industry.

The rate of advancement of technology is immense and it is now even more difficult for individual companies’ in house IT teams to keep up to date and be able to implement the latest developments. Here at Business Reform this is core business, our team thrive on learning and can’t wait to get to grips and test out the latest things, that’s what makes us ideal as an IT partner.

We love this sector and the relationships we build with clients and their staff, being able to show how things work and “mentoring” their staff through our UK based helpdesk to be able to embrace and use the technology that helps them do their job better and more efficiently, knowing they have proactive support when they need help before that urgent meeting, or just general tips to help them through their day.

Not only do we want to encourage young people into technology by offering placements but we also aim to educate our clients throughout our working relationships. Here at Business Reform we are serious about technology and IT services, we want to go above and beyond the traditional IT managed service. We deliver a service that is different, innovative, proactive and new that means as a business you can focus on the day job whilst confident that our managed service always has your best interests at heart, focused on ensuring you always have the latest and most appropriate security and systems options presented to you as they evolve.

Our team are passionate about what they do, encouraged to learn and explore they can’t wait to get to grips with the next development. As a Microsoft Partner we keep on top of the latest developments to be able to advise, educate and mentor you and your staff so that you are confident in the decisions you make about your services, systems and security and that your staff have the right level of support from us, as your IT provider, to use them effectively.

Business Reform has over 10 years in proven delivery and have helped a number of companies move away from the traditional reactive IT services they previously had, to experience a new type of service that supports them proactively and develops their IT services in line with the pace and readiness of their business. Coupled with our consultancy and project management services we are also able to provide a holistic service helping businesses devise a strategy and deliver complex changes, whilst being supportive and inclusive across their business to support adoption and education.

As proud Microsoft 365 Partners we have helped businesses make a smooth transition to Microsoft 365 and can also help you use it to its full potential if you already have it. Our IT managed services combined with our consultancy and project services can help you improve your business, specialising in helping you use data and systems more effectively, improving data security, access and reporting to improve decision making and performance.

Using Microsoft 365 already? Then let us show you how to see your current Microsoft security score, you may be surprised by the results! Come and talk to us about your current service and how we can give you a free Microsoft 365 security health check and learn more about the services we provide including but not limited to, IT managed services, IT Support, WIFI networks, hardware and software, and much more.

It costs nothing to talk to us and we won’t baffle you with tech-talk. We love nothing better than helping you with tech and building new relationships, so what have you got to lose from a call? The impact on your business could be immense!


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