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How Power BI and it's new feature 'Goals' can help your business

Early last month Microsoft hosted their annual Business Applications Summit virtually and

featured some exciting announcements - the biggest being the upcoming release of

Power BI Goals. Achieving your business objectives can be difficult in today’s data driven world as progress is measured through data - this can often be challenging as goal tracking

systems are disconnected from your business data and often require manual updates.

Microsoft have come up with a solution to all of your business data woes. They describe

Power BI Goals as ‘designed to empower users to make data-driven decisions and stay

on top of team or individual targets.’

A project manager’s dream, Goals will enable users to build specialised scorecards to

delegate tasks and measure progress toward specific goals. Managers can also use these

scorecards to identify areas of improvement and collaborate via platforms like Microsoft

teams, as well as proactively taking action.

If you would like to utilise Power BI Goals to ensure the smooth operation of your

business or project contact BRL’s experienced team.


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