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Working from home

In the past year our working habits have changed beyond all recognition. Gone are the days of the long commute, boardroom meetings and working lunches. We are all working from home and, to enable this, our reliance on technology is growing.

In April the Office for National Statistics published data that showed 46.6% of people in

employment did some work from home in 2020, and it doesn’t look like this statistic is going to dwindle in the near future. Another survey, from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and

Development, found that employers expect the pandemic to lead to a longer term shift in how people work.

If this is the case, and it is looking more and more likely that we will work from home more

frequently, is your business equipped for this longer term shift in working practices? Or are you still relying on temporary solutions?

At Business Reform Limited we have years of experience advising, supporting and equipping

businesses to enable their staff to work from home. From migrating your business phone system so that your team can make and receive business calls regardless of location, to centralising all your IT in the cloud so that you can connect anywhere.

We can also transform meeting spaces ranging from small huddle areas to large conference

rooms, using state of the art technology to start meetings on time with one touch and instantly project and share meetings to remote participants.

For more information about how we can help your business work from home contact us.


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