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Save time and money with Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Struggling to access and work with large volumes of data? Is your laptop under

performing? Is your internet connection disrupting your work flow?

We have the perfect solution for you, and your business: Microsoft Azure Virtual



With Azure Virtual Machines we can work with you to build a bespoke virtual workspace

that is suitable for the most demanding of tasks - all in the cloud. We’ll create the perfect

cloud machine with all the memory and storage you’ll need, a machine that can help you

breeze through the biggest of tasks.

Cost saving

Not only does Azure Virtual Machines enable you to save space and cost on additional

hardware and physical machines, it also allows you to set schedules to shut down

machines outside of core business hours to save on unnecessary costs. Pay-as-you-go

solutions are also available starting at a few pence per hour to allow for every budget.

Time saving

Machines that run within Microsoft Azure Cloud have a broadband speed that is 33 times

faster than the UK average home broadband speed (2GBPS download and upload

speeds) allowing you and your colleagues to be far more efficient and effective. The system also offers backup and quick recovery automatically, so you can rest assured that

valuable work and time is not lost. Virtual machines provide great disaster recovery

solution too, allowing you to quickly recover without the need to re-build.


Azure Virtual Machines ensures that no important or confidential company data is lost,

stolen or saved on individual devices as it is a highly secure virtual network. Users can

connect to the virtual machine using your their own device whilst keeping company data

secure on the virtual machine.

If you’d like to learn more about Azure Virtual Machines and how it can save your

business time, space and money contact us today.


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