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How about a fresh modern Intranet....

Intranets have long been a source of internal company information, but how easy is it to update the content?.

  • Do staff often struggle to find the right information?

  • Complain its too slow and clunky?

  • Can't remember their login?

  • Is the information out of date?

The key role of an Intranet in a business is to enable company-wide communication whilst increasing employee productivity, improving team collaboration, securely storing and accessing documents, whilst providing employee connectively on both desktops and mobile devices , and access business-critical applications.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider an Intranet within SharePoint using ShortPoint....

1 | Strong strategic alignment

Brand identity is critical and likely well presented on your external website, but how does it look on the inside. Do staff see the brand and identity on internal systems?

A SharePoint intranet can be fully immersed in your company's brand and identity, from fonts, to colour schemes. Setup standard style guides to make updates simple and effective. Pick from lots of demo pages already built and use the parts you like directly on your own Intranet.

2 | Provide strong employee engagement

One of the key issues companies often face with an Intranet is employee engagement. A poorly structured Intranet, housed in a separate system with additional login credentials, mostly result in low uptake and frustration.

Adding an Intranet site right at the heart of your Microsoft 365 environment uses their current credentials to seamlessly access content, and because its hosted in SharePoint you can be sure of great performance and uptime.

Fluid and simple navigation menus can be embedded into all of the pages, giving the employee a structured site that is super easy to navigate through.

3 | Fast deployment and easy maintenance

Keeping content regularly updated can often be difficult and slow. Sometimes you want to be able to schedule news updates in advance, or just run news articles for a set period of time. You may even wish to show content for only specific groups of employees.

Scheduling content is super easy, simply add the images you wish to use, along with the dates you want the information presented, and the jobs done! If you need to restrict content to certain employee groups, no problem, just specify the groups that should see it.

4 | 24/7 cloud based solution on any device

Does your current solution provide access 24/7 to all users that need it, on any device?

Hosting an Intranet on SharePoint online means its available 24/7 with 99.98% uptime. What's even better is being able to access via any device (subject to your internal policies). If you have employees on the road needing to access, they can use their mobile devices to access the Intranet, all handled by ShortPoint to ensure a great user experience with perfectly rendered pages to suit the device.

5 | Cost Savings

Costs can spiral considerably when you're using an external Intranet system. Your I.T. department will often be performing maintenance/updates on a regular basis. These costs can be expensive, and sometimes result in downtime, so moving to a SharePoint Intranet solution might save you money in the long run.

If you already use Microsoft 365, the chances are your employees are already licensed for SharePoint. You won't have to license every employee for accessing the Intranet if that's the case.

All you need to get started is 1 ShortPoint design license for each intranet designer. If you prefer to outsource this, we can handle everything for you.

At Business Reform Limited, we are an authorised reseller of ShortPoint, in addition to being a Microsoft Partner and certified Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

Conclusion and how we can help....

The common questions we often hear when we engage a new Intranet for a client is :-

  1. What content do we need?

  2. How many pages should we have?

  3. What data can we show?

  4. What external connections can we have?

  5. How do we structure our files library?

Having built Intranets for lots companies, our consultancy team truly know how to get the best out of your new Intranet. From the start, our team will take you through each stage of the process, providing our valuable experience and expertise to make sure you have an Intranet your whole organisation can be proud of.

Ready to see a free Demo ? Book some time with us today...


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